Unique Reasons to Consider Motorcycle Rentals in Las Vegas

If you have a motorcycle license but haven’t yet been able to get your own motorcycle to ride, you are probably itching to get out on the road. Even if getting a bike of your own isn’t in your immediate future, motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas might be just what you need to get out there and experience everything that these versatile machines have to offer. Here are a few situations in which a rental would be perfect for you or your friends.

Use a rental as an extended test drive

If you have your motorcycle license and will be looking to get your own bike soon, one of the best ways to get a feel for which bike will ultimately be best for you is to rent one. You might be able to test drive one at a dealer, but you will usually only get to spend a limited amount of time with the bike. With a rental, on the other hand, you can take the bike out on the road and travel for a few days to get a good idea of what the bike actually feels like over an extended period of time. You can even rent a different motorcycle each time so that you can play around with different sizes, engines and handling styles—all of which are important factors when selecting the bike that is the best fit for you.

Enjoy all the perks of a bike without having to own one

Another scenario that someone who recently attained their motorcycle license might find themselves in is that purchasing their own bike doesn’t fit well into their current budget. Renting a motorcycle is the perfect way to be able to get out on the road and hone your skills while they’re fresh, without having to worry about making the financial commitment right away. This is even more prevalent in situations when riders have families that they are responsible for. It is not unheard of for a non-rider spouse to be against a motorcycle purchase because along with it will come to a monthly payment and insurance premium, so a rental is a perfect compromise.

Create new bonding opportunities

You may be the friend in the group that does have your own motorcycle, but your close buddies are in one of those other categories, and for one reason or another have their licenses but do not have bikes of their own. Heading down to a rental company so that they can rent their own motorcycles is a great way to get everyone out riding together, allowing you all to spend time bonding while on the road.

In addition to all of these practical reasons to consider motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas, there is also the added bonus of being able to explore the beautiful American Southwest region while testing out different bikes. To learn more about a rental and how to get one of your own, contact EagleRider today so that you can put your skills to use right away.

How to Make the Most of Self-Guided Motorcycle Tours in Las Vegas

What’s the first thing you want to do when you arrive in a new area for vacation? You likely want to try the local cuisine, check out historic landmarks and take in highly talked about the scenery. But what if you don’t have transportation, or you’re tired of being in a stuffy car? The solution is to rent motorcycles to get around to do all the things you want to do while in town. With a motorcycle, you get an unobstructed view of the beautiful scenery and get to see popular sites along the highways.

Are you down for a motorcycle ride? Here are some ways to make sure you get the most out of self-guided motorcycle tours in Las Vegas.

Plan ahead

The best thing you can do for any trip is to plan ahead—especially if you need to rent a vehicle like a motorcycle. Reserve your motorcycle rental in advance to stake claim on a bike, because it’s not guaranteed that a company will have same-day rentals available. To use your self-guided tour time wisely, outline the things you want to do and see in order with the absolute must-dos at the top. Also, to avoid wasting time, regularly check the weather forecast and updates on road conditions for the routes you want to take.

Stay organized

It’s especially important that you and your party get and stay organized when your self-guided motorcycle tour is limited to less than a few days. It’s suggested that you create a solid itinerary complete with all the sights you want to see and schedule stops along the way. Mark your maps and don’t veer off the mapped course, or you risk getting lost.

Take advantage of motorcycle tour company suggestions

Just because you opted for a self-guided motorcycle tour doesn’t mean the rental company is going to leave you stranded. At EagleRider, we go above and beyond the call of duty for out-of-town visitors. Not only do we help get you on the road fast, but we’ll also point you in the right direction with route recommendations and readable maps. We can even get you set up with hotel reservations. Whether you’re on a one-day road trip or a multiple-day tour, let us help you organize your trip so you can spend more time having fun.

Rent plenty of time

From some of the greatest parks in the nation—like Zion, Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone and Death Valley—to the always-scenic California Highway 1, there’s a lot to see in and around Nevada. This is all the more reason to make sure you rent plenty of motorcycle time.

Whether you want to take a full guided tour or prefer leading the way on a self-guided tour, EagleRider has everything to make sure your time in Nevada is exciting and memorable. To reserve high quality Motorcycles for motorcycle tours in Las Vegas, be sure to contact our helpful team. We can also answer all your questions and help plan your tour!

Why Choose Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Rentals in Las Vegas for Your Vacation?

Harley-Davidson attracts dedicated brand loyalty among its adherents. There is an insistence that these bikes are different, but is that an accurate impression? Indulging in our Harley-Davidson motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas will help you make that determination for yourself while visiting. We are convinced that, once you take a Harley tour, you will never forget the experience. However, for those of you who need convincing, here are five reasons why this is a special brand of bike:

  • Made for touring: Harley-Davidson makes a heavier bike, and for some, that is considered a disadvantage. There is a performance penalty that arises with the larger frame. However, while lighter bikes are blown around the road or constantly move torque through your body, making the ride a jarring experience, the Harley is a steady touring vehicle that remains stable no matter your speed. You won’t win a Superbike race, but you will likely make it to your destination comfortably.
  • Beauty of the V-twin: The V-twin motor is the distinguishing characteristic of the Harley. While some models have lower horsepower (around 60), they are high torque engines. That means you can cruise at a high gear without downshifting, which can be beneficial when touring. It is a smooth cruising motor that is easier to drive in some ways.
  • Smooth handling: It is said that you do not turn into corners with a Harley—you roll into them. Part of this is the unique handling that comes with a heavier bike, and for that reason, you will not feel it lean like smaller bikes. Due to its weight, you have to take the corners a little slower, but you know you will complete your turn safely.
  • The sound: When you ride a Harley, you get noticed. Part of this is its distinctive engine sound. Like other motorcycle brands, the engine has two pistons, but Harleys are different in that there is only one pin for both piston rods to connect. This, in combination with the unique V-twin shape, gives it the unique popping sound immortalized on TV, in movies and every time there is a Harley-Davidson rally.
  • It’s a survivor: Harley-Davidson was one of two motorcycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression. (The other is Indian, which is also an iconic brand.) Since starting in 1903, it has experienced ownership changes, product quality questions and bad economies. Yet, for 112 years, it has continued to prevail and remain a beloved brand.

Before you start your ride, we can go over some of the unique Harley quirks. The ignition sequence is different and you may find you need to use the back brake more often. These are not functional shortcomings—they are just unique qualities that come with this brand.

EagleRider provides Harley-Davidson motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas so you can make up your own mind about this brand as you tour the area.

Eight Tips for Renting a Touring Motorcycle

There’s nothing quite like taking a road trip or tour through the American Southwest. The fall is an ideal time to travel through the region, as the blistering summer temperatures have cooled off a bit. And if you’re going to be on a motorcycle, the weather outside matters greatly to you.

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, have you ever thought about renting a touring motorcycle? It’s a great way to get out and enjoy nature and all its features when driving through a region as unique as the American Southwest. Here are a few touring motorcycle tips that could be helpful to you if you decide to take a ride this fall.

Plan your route ahead of time

With the internet and GPS, planning your touring route has never been easier. Many motorcycle rental shops will want you to return your bike to the same place you rented it from, so you’ll need to make your route a big circular loop.

Ride with a friend

While there’s something alluring about taking to the open road by yourself, having someone else with you could improve the tour. It would make things easier in case of an emergency, and you would have someone to share the experience with too.

Get the right bike

There are certain motorcycles made specifically for road touring, like the Honda Goldwing and Harley-Davidson Road King. Talk with someone at the rental shop and tell them where you’re planning to go and for how long so you can get the bike that best suits your needs.

Bring a valid motorcycle license

This should go without saying, but you’ll need a motorcycle license (not a learner’s permit) that’s up to date and valid in your state of residency. International riders should bring their motorcycle licenses as well, as those would likely be accepted too.

Ask about insurance

You’ll be required to pay for basic liability insurance, but be sure to ask about other options like additional liability and insurance that would cover the cost of any damage to the bike.

Pack efficiently

This means you should pack lightly and only bring what you need, but make sure to bring everything that could prove useful. This includes cold and wet weather gear, in addition to any survival supplies you would need, like a GPS, first aid kit and a flashlight. Bring tools as well, for any mechanical problems.

Wear ear plugs

Being subjected to the sound of a roaring engine and the desert wind for hours on end can wreak havoc on your ear drums. Enter ear plugs, which can prevent the mental strain and ringing in your ears that you would otherwise be subjected to.

Inspect your bike frequently

If you’re renting a touring motorcycle, one of the best touring motorcycle tips is to check your motorcycle often. You should have it serviced before you go, but make sure you monitor certain things closely. Be sure to check your tire pressure, chain and sprocket and see if there are any leaks or engine temperature changes (especially if it’s running too hot).

Call to rent your touring motorcycle today

Hopefully, having these touring motorcycle tips will have you ready to rent a touring motorcycle. If you want to see the American Southwest like never before, give us a call at EaglesRiders, where we can have you out on the open road in no time.

Tailor Your Motorcycle Tours

When you think of taking a vacation and going on a road trip, what comes to mind? You can probably picture yourself packing up a truck or a van with bags, coolers and a map and setting out on the open road. But is it really considered “open” if you are stuck inside of a car? Have you ever thought about taking a motorcycle and really experiencing the “open road?”

Motorcycle tours in Las Vegas offer visitors the opportunity to experience this part of the country in a truly unique way. Whether you’re looking at doing a day trip or a multiple-day getaway, getting out on the open road by way of a motorcycle is an experience of a lifetime. You have the option of going out alone or going with a group, as well as going along a guided or non-guided tour. Here are some of the more popular sites and attractions that Nevada has to offer:

Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is a breathtaking site to see, especially on the back of a motorcycle. Mount Charleston, also named Charleston’s Peak, is the highest mountain in both the Spring Mountains and Clark County, in Nevada, and is a popular getaway for both Las Vegas residents and visitors. There are a number of hiking trails, ski resorts and other site-seeing activities that can be enjoyed by anyone and there isn’t a prettier site in town than pulling up to the mountain on your motorcycle and instantly feeling its power and magnificence.

Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is one of Nevada’s oldest state parks and known for its magnificent red fire-like sandstone formations that are now major tourist attractions and even backdrops for weddings. If you’re looking to make this stop along your trip, make sure to go as the sun is setting. As the setting sun hits the various rock formations, it looks as though they are actually on fire. Ride through on your motorcycle and let the Valley of Fire engulf you with its majesty and beauty.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is an absolute must-see when you are looking at booking your next motorcycle tour. This beautiful tourist attraction boasts a one-way 13-mile scenic drive with opportunities such as hiking and walking trails, various forms of wildlife and vegetation, beautiful geology and many other cultural attractions.

The Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam has been an attraction for years. Constructed during the 1930’s, this concrete arch-gravity dam is located in the Black Canyon on the border between Arizona and Nevada. It’s the world’s largest hydroelectric power producing facility and is a location that attracts millions of tourists every year.

When looking to book your motorcycle tour in Las Vegas, EagleRider helps you every step of the way. From finding and booking hotels, providing you a map and any other equipment necessary to complete the trip, and suggested locations to visit, EagleRider makes it a fun and enjoyable experience and there’s nothing like experiencing these amazing locations on the back of a motorcycle. Call and book your motorcycle tour today!

How to Pack Your Motorcycle Bags for a Long Trip

Planning to take a road trip with your motorcycle? If you’re going to be hitting the road for several days or more, you need to take care to pack correctly. Whether you’re heading out for a weekend getaway or a lengthy vacation, it’s important to pack accordingly.

What are the best techniques for packing your bags on your motorcycle? Read on to learn about the best motorcycle long trip tips to make sure you’re bringing everything you need for an enjoyable journey.

Pack with balance in mind

The most essential tip for packing bags on a motorcycle is to keep the load balanced. If you’re traveling with heavy items, position them as low and as far forward as possible. Make sure the load is balanced on the left and right sides of the bike. For example, put lightweight items like a heated vest, gloves and a jacket in the front compartment for easy access in case of weather changes, and place heavier things in saddlebags on the sides.

Bring the bare essentials

Storage space comes at a premium on motorcycles, which means you need to be selective about what you’re bringing on your trip. If you’re riding long distances, you should bring a few changes of clothing—bringing some detergent allows you to wash them as you go, if you have access to laundry facilities. Traveling as a couple? As a general rule, take half the clothes and twice the money you think you’ll need for the trip.

Develop a packing and storage system

You can make packing much more efficient by creating a system to help you quickly find the things you need to access. Try to pack your bags by category. For example, have one bag for tools, another for toiletries, another for clothes and so on. Keep things you know you’ll need to grab and use regularly at the tops of the bags, and always keep water-sensitive items in plastic bags—no matter how rainproof your motorcycle bags claim to be, adding some extra protection never hurts.

Protect valuables

Keep valuables like cash, pricy electronics, watches and jewelry in locked compartments as you ride. While you should only bring the bare essentials for your trip—especially if you’re traveling long distances—you’re going to need money and essential documents like your driver’s license no matter where you’re going. Make sure all important items are locked in a space that only you can access.

Check luggage frequently during your rides

As you travel, stop and check your luggage regularly throughout the journey, as loads could have shifted as you drive. Make sure the luggage straps have stayed tight and that nothing’s shifted or settled enough to get in contact with a hot muffler.

Follow the motorcycle long trip tips above to ensure a safe, pleasant journey whether you’re heading for a weekend escape or a cross-country tour. Want to make the most of your time on your bike? Learn more about the best ways to travel by motorcycle by contacting EagleRider today.

Is It Too Late to Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle?

Cruising down the highway on a motorcycle is typically thought of as a young person’s hobby. After all, once people reach a certain age, they should start spending more time on the golf course than the open road, right?

That couldn’t be further from the truth! Young and old, people of all ages love riding their bikes. Some folks are even learning to ride at an older age as a retirement activity. While there certainly isn’t a limit to the motorcycle riding age in Las Vegas, this post will give you a few things to consider before getting on a bike:

  • Eyesight: Just like with driving a car, riding a motorcycle requires strong vision to see road signs, pedestrians and other vehicles. Anyone who’s getting up there in age and is having trouble seeing should stay off a motorcycle to prevent serious injuries.
  • Balance: Just like with eyesight, our balance often gets worse as we get older. Of course, this is a problem for folks who want to ride a motorcycle! If you have trouble balancing while walking or doing normal everyday activities, we don’t recommend hopping on a bike.
  • Reaction time: As every motorcyclist knows, reaction time is just as important as balance and vision while zooming down the highway. Unfortunately, our reaction time may become slower as we age. Folks who notice a delay in their reaction time may want to see a doctor, and they should definitely stay off a motorcycle.
  • Enjoyment: Riding should be seen as an enjoyable pastime. If you’re not having fun while you ride anymore due to aches or pains caused by the bike, you may have inadvertently passed your ideal motorcycle riding age in Las Vegas. But if you’re still having fun out there and your body doesn’t hurt after a ride, we say ride on!

Health benefits of riding a motorcycle

Not only is learning to ride a motorcycle in Las Vegas at an older age okay, it can actually be beneficial to your health! Here are a few of the top health reasons to get out and start riding:

  • Fresh air: Being cooped up inside all day can be incredibly detrimental to your overall health. Instead of sitting on the couch, get on your motorcycle and get some fresh air. You’re sure to feel rejuvenated after a ride.
  • Physical workout: Unlike most exercises, riding a motorcycle gives your entire body a workout. Your core, arms and legs all get a vigorous workout that helps keep you feeling young.
  • Mental health: The concentration required for riding activates the prefrontal areas of the brain. Riding isn’t just a body workout—it exercises your mind, too. Keep riding and you can help keep your mind sharp.

EagleRider has the best motorcycles

If you’re thinking about renting a motorcycle for a few hours or a few days, be sure to rent yours from EagleRider. To ensure riders of all ages have a safe and fun time on the road, we rent out a variety of different bikes. So, whether you’re just learning to ride a motorcycle in Las Vegas or you’ve been riding your whole life, we have a bike for you!

5 Tips for Riding Motorcycles in Hot Weather

Every motorcycle rider enjoys warm weather as it is the perfect time to ride and explore. But when the weather is too hot and you are traveling a long distance, your ride will not be as much fun. This is especially for people traveling from the east coast, where they are used to a cool climate, to the West, where the weather is hotter than what they are used to. Here are a few tips for motorcycle riding in the heat.

Wear the Right Gear

You may assume that it is okay to wear shorts and t-shirts when the weather is hot, but that is a bad idea. It is much harder to cool exposed skin. As the wind rushes over you, your sweat will evaporate, making you dehydrate faster. As much as it seems counterintuitive to wear protective clothing, you need to. Another advantage of suiting up is to protect your skin from sunburn or any other sun-related damage. Fortunately, you can find the ideal gear made of lightweight materials to keep your body cool.

Avoid Riding During the Hottest Time of the Day

If you want to avoid the scorching sun, time your rides strategically. The hours between noon and 3 pm are scorching. If you are on a road trip, start your day early. Maybe around 5 or 6 am instead of 9 or 10. At around noon, you can take a break, rest, and, if you are up to it, resume your trip at around 4 pm. One of the advantages of riding early in the morning or early evening is that there is less traffic and the roads are quiet.

Stay Hydrated

One of the biggest challenges of rising in hot weather is staying hydrated. And if your body is not used to the hot weather, it will demand even more water than usual. You are also likely to sweat more as your body tries to cool itself. The trick is in drinking little but often to replace the water you are losing. And if you can, a few days before your excursion, increase your intake of watery vegetables and fruits such as grapes and watermelon.

Eat Well

Another important tip for preparing to ride a motorcycle in hot weather is prepping what food to eat. The food you are taking can affect your body and mind during hot weather. Start your day with something light like a banana. Bananas contain potassium, a mineral that the body needs, yet when it is hot, the body sweats it out. Stock up on salty snacks such as trail mix and peanut butter; since they contain sodium, they will help replenish electrolytes in your body.

Take Breaks

When the weather is ideal, you may go for about 120 miles before stopping. But with hot weather, you will have to reduce that distance and go for about 70 miles before stopping. Both you and your motorcycle will be happy for that rest, even if it is just for 15 minutes.

With these five tips, your motorcycle ride will be much more enjoyable. Are you looking to rent a motorcycle to start your adventure? Get in touch with EagleRider. We offer our customers powerful bikes, allowing them to enjoy the open road. We also arrange bike tours through close-by national parks like Bryce, Zion, Death Valley, and the Grand Canyon. Check all our tours now.

Tips for Riding Safely on Difficult Terrain

Riding a bike is something that most people will learn to do early in life. But riding a motorcycle is a special experience, and not everyone gets to have that kind of fun. There’s a reason for this: It’s more dangerous than riding a bicycle. This is especially true for motorcycle riding on difficult terrain in Las Vegas.

Having the right knowledge and an experienced guide can help make this experience less dangerous without losing any of the fun and freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle. Here are some motorcycle safety tips for Las Vegas.

Take a lesson or two

There’s no substitute for experience. If you’re never ridden a motorcycle before, it’s a good idea to take a lesson or two to get the feel of the machine and understand the basic handling before taking it out onto the open road. Don’t let your ego take charge here and let yourself think you’re too tough or cool to learn—every motorcycle rider has had to learn the ropes at some point.

Even if you’ve ridden before, it can be a good idea to take an appropriate course to learn some more advanced techniques. This can help you know when to use front and rear brakes, get more comfortable maneuvering in tight spots, and how to best position your body to avoid turning over.

Keep a straight line

Sometimes the terrain gets steep or uneven. That can make for an uneasy feeling when you’re riding on two wheels. If this happens, it’s best to try and ride in a straight line. To do this, don’t focus on your front wheel but instead focus on the road in front of you. You can also apply minimal rear brakes to help balance out your speed.

Align your body correctly with the bike

When riding on difficult terrain, or any kind of less-than-ideal road conditions, it’s a good idea to lower your body toward the motorcycle. Keep your elbows tucked in, and do not make sudden movements, as this can cause the bike to turn unexpectedly at slow speeds.

Use your brakes

Another motorcycle safety tip for Las Vegas is to use your brakes in a smart way. By braking slightly, you can enhance the grip of your tires on the road. Be careful, however, not to do this too much on slippery, wet or icy roads; if done too much in these conditions, your tires may lock up, causing your bike to skid on the roadway.

Trust a guide

When considering motorcycle riding on difficult terrain in Las Vegas, it’s best to have an experienced guide to make sure you have the safest experience possible while still having a great time. This way, you will be able to ask questions, and your guide will know the local terrain in order to keep you out of known trouble spots.

For the best motorcycle riding experience in the Las Vegas area, get in touch with EagleRider today to book your mototrcycle rental and get local travel trips.

Spring Is Here! Make Sure Your Motorcycle Is Ready for Perfect Riding Weather

With perfect spring weather here, there’s no better time to get out on the road. If your bike has been in the garage for the last few months, it’s important to do some motorcycle riding season prep before your next adventure in Las Vegas, NV. Read on to learn how to get your motorcycle ready for riding season:

  • Give it a once-over: Before you do anything on your Motorcycle, it’s important to know what kind of condition it’s in. Give your bike a once-over and note any places of concern so you can tell your repair shop about them. They’ll likely find other trouble spots, but it never hurts to draw attention to problem areas.
  • Schedule your service appointments and inspections: Next, schedule any service appointments and inspections your bike needs. It’s best to do this well in advance, since appointments tend to fill up as soon as the weather starts getting warmer. Think of the acronym T-CLOCS: tires, controls, lights and electronics, oil and other fluids, chassis and stand. These are the main areas of concern. While you should inspect them before every ride, your motorcycle repair shop will go over each part to ensure your bike is ready to ride.
  • Consider updating your skills with a class: If it’s been a while since your last ride, you might consider taking a skills class before any major trips. Motorcycle riding takes a much different skill set than driving a car. Consider brushing up on your braking, steering and counter-steering practices, as well as the process of scanning for hazards.
  • Check your helmet: Next, it’s time to check out your gear. Make sure your helmet is in good shape. Check the manufacturing date—most helmets are good for about seven years after the manufacturing date, so if it’s getting close, it’s probably best to replace it. Over time, the liner loses effectiveness, even if you haven’t been in any accidents.
  • Make sure you have the right eye protection: If you’re not using a full-face helmet, you’ll need eye protection. Check out your local motorcycle shop to see what kind of eye protection they offer—there’s sure to be an option for your individual requirements.
  • Inspect your boots: Your boots also need a good once-over. There shouldn’t be excessive wear on the toes, soles or heels—otherwise, your feet won’t be protected, and they probably won’t be as comfortable as you’d like.
  • Think about getting a motorcycle communication system: Finally, think about a communication system for your group. In addition to hand signals and schedules, you need ways to get messages out to the group while you’re riding. Electronic communication systems are a great way to keep connected.

Don’t have a motorcycle of your own? Rent One from EagleRider Today We’ll do the work of getting your rental motorcycle ready for spring in Las Vegas, NV, so all you have to do is enjoy the call of the open road. Call us today to learn more or book your rental.