Florida Keys and Miami Breeze | Harley-Davidson x EagleRider

When temperatures and temperaments are down, it’s also the right time to go down… to the southernmost point in the lower 48 – Key West, Florida.

For most, Florida can be a polarizing state but one common thread is that it offers winter riding refuge for the poor saps and souls north of I-80.  Pro Skateboarder, GREG LUTZKA, rallied some snowbirds together to migrate south this winter, starting from Miami and rolling down to Key West and back.


Greg invited his brother ANDY, snowboarder and pilot ALEX D., and the always-good-vibes, mood-boostin’ snowboarder Johnny M. AKA MAMBA!!!

Along with photographer DREW MARTIN and videographer JORDAN LOVELIS (with his assistant MAX JUNK), to bottle up and bring back a bit of Florida sunshine through photos and video. 


Packs were light, as this quick 2-day trip was set to maximum leisure and maximum sunshine. The crew did a quick rental pickup at EagleRider MIAMI and snuck out of the city before Miami gridlock could grab ahold of everyone.

Once the Keys were in sight, stress laxed and the pace slowed down. The general speed limit throughout the key-hopping cruise is around 45 MPH. A refreshing pace for the Sportster and Softail models chosen by the riders for the journey. Two great cruiser candidates are the IRON 1200 and LOW RIDER Harley-Davidson models. Alex had never been on a Harley-Davidson before this trip but felt right at home after a few hours on the Iron 1200.

The 113 miles (181 km), overseas highway, named U.S. Route 1, connects the Florida Keys together and offers entertaining stopping points along the way. A few selections include Marker 88 on Plantation Key, a beachside seafood and cocktail hangout, Island Fish Co. on Marathon Key, a tiki-themed seafood spot on the water, and HOG Heaven in Islamodora, a roadhouse grill with plenty of smoked BBQ.

As everyone thawed out from a healthy dose of Florida Key sunshine, it was a race to the southernmost point buoy in Key West to catch the last rays of the day’s sunset. A hot tip while visiting the southernmost point buoy is to park a few blocks away, as parking is rare and limited around this tourist magnet. The famous southernmost point concrete buoy has been standing since 1983 and has withstood several hurricanes, definitely worthy of an Instagram or Facebook post (to rub it into all the family and friends back home underneath a few inches of that dreaded white snow).


Bellies were rumbling along with the bikes in the morning, so we crept over to the Banana Café on Duval St. to fuel up on coffee, benedicts, and crepes.

The Florida Keys Scenic Highway takes you along multiple islands and the world famous Seven Mile Bridge, the longest bridge along the way. Heading back up, the squad elected to take a few pit stops around Seven Mile bridge and other scenic key bridges to take in ocean views and snap a couple photos.

If you’d like an excuse to take a detour off the main drag, stop by the EVERGLADES SAFARI PARK for an airboat tour or throw a leg over a water hog and stop by MIAMI WATERSPORTS to rent a couple of jet skis on your way back up to Miami.

Coming back to the congested streets and downtown of Miami may not be your favorite part of the trip, but there is a secret spot that will make take your breath away with sunset views. So that’s what we did.

We headed to Virginia Key and parked at Hobie Island Beach Park (only 20 minutes away from Downtown). You cross a beautiful bridge with great views all around and then enter a mini paradise where time seems to slow down and the sand is as white as you’ve ever seen.

While back in Miami, take a cruise over to Miami Beach to try out some heavenly Cuban and Haitian food, admire local art, shop, and relax on the beach.


This route offers leisurely cruising, aimed towards the rider who needs an escape from the frozen tundra or the rider in search of new views. This crew’s riding experience varied from never riding a HARLEY-DAVIDSON before to crunching some serious cross-country miles on an H-D. Although this ride may not offer the most complex riding, it does offer a colorful escape from colder climates and more than enough of an excuse to ditch work and soak up some sun.

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We’ll bring more adventures like this to share with you. For now, ride safe and we look forward to seeing you at one of our RENTAL LOCATIONS.

Should you rent or buy a motorcycle? Tips on how to decide

how to decide

You might have heard a friend falling in love with a bike but doesn’t know if it can take him up in the mountains or survive a long, irritable and challenging trip. Until now, there were car rentals, real estate rentals and purchases,s and even coaster rental services available.

EagleShare is a Motorcycle rental company that offers you to directly contact the person you are renting your bike to or from. That’s pretty convenient. You can try a lot of bikes, different models, Harley, Indian, hertz, go on long trips, and pay cash only when you want the bike.

Primary considerations

But even then, you will still have some questions, queries you want answers to and jump to conclusions. Before you do that, let me tell you something, it’s normal to have your questions. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to judge your biking skills over time. Here are the primary considerations mostly common stated by the renters,

Total cost of ownership

Bikes are expensive; rentals are not. With that being said, you can consider renting a bike if you crave the biking experience. The total ownership costs will be $100 per day or less/more, depending on the bike’s edition. But if you buy one of the installments (unless you are filthy rich to pay half a million at once) the bike will cost you $500 per month.

So if you are barely tripping on your bike because of the rainy season, try renting one. It’s less expensive and doesn’t cater to any responsibilities that come following the care you need to provide.

Type of preferred riding

Although the choices are limited while choosing a rental, you can surely find the right bike that suits your convenience. For instance, you can go with a BMW for horsepower, or you can choose a Harley Davidson for a long traveling trip.


If you are a rider, who wants to ride an automotive with long-term comfort, but faster than light speed, consider renting a bike. It will help you gain unimaginable experience; learn more about the bikes before you are ready to own one. Biking as a lifestyle is lucrative yet very risky if you live in a state that doesn’t have its own bike lane.

Secondary considerations

Probably the best idea will be to look at how you can give to nature. Buy a motorcycle, drown in monthly payments or rent one to save yourself from extra costs.

Riding a bike lessens air pollution. You are giving to nature through an automotive. What’s new?

There are bike tour services like EagleShare that offer a fully guided tour. In a city, you will be trying a bike, with a bunch of people who are probably telling you everything from a phone call or handed-map.

A Final Verdict

Riding a motortcycle is an unexplainable experience that almost everyone should try. But which bike still remains a question. Rent a bike, gain experience and return at your ease. Lesser costs, more sustainability to the traveling plan and enjoy the flexibility that comes with it.

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Private and commercial hosts that list vehicles on EagleShare are protected by the platform’s industry leading insurance, which includes up to $1,000,000 in third party liability, and up to $25,000 for damage while their vehicle is on rent through EagleShare. Potential renters are screened for a valid motorcycle endorsement, as well as several other factors. Vehicle owners may approve or deny any request.

EagleShare rental customers can browse the site and make reservations knowing that all hosts and vehicles have also undergone a comprehensive screening and review process to ensure they can expect the same level of quality and service they have enjoyed with EagleRider Holdings’ other rental entities over the years.

EagleRider Holdings was founded in 1992 with four bikes in the garage of a home in San Pedro, California. Today, EagleRider is a household name with motorcycle and powersports enthusiasts from around the world, with a footprint of more than 160 locations across five continents. Three brands anchor the company: EagleRider Rentals and Tours, which welcomes more than 100,000 customers annually; Club EagleRider, a motorcycle and powersports subscription available in the US and Canada; and its peer-to-peer sharing platform, EagleShare.

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Zero Motorcycles and EagleRider Form First National Network of Electric Motorcycle Rentals

The largest international motorcycle rental fleet begins rollout of first ever all-electric offerings to seven destination cities

(Photo: Zero Motorcycles)

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Zero Motorcycles, the worldwide leader in electric motorcycles and powertrains, today announced a partnership with EagleRider, the world’s largest motorcycle rental, tour, and membership company, to include electric motorcycles from Zero into its premium line-up of brand offerings. The agreement begins with full sized electric motorcycles being available for rent today at the Las Vegas NV, San Francisco CA, Los Angeles CA, Phoenix AZ, and Miami FL locations.

“The riding experience of a Zero is fundamentally different than that of any other motorcycle, especially a gas-powered one, but the ownership of an EV is materially different, as well”

“The riding experience of a Zero is fundamentally different than that of any other motorcycle, especially a gas-powered one, but the ownership of an EV is materially different, as well,” said Mike Cunningham, VP of Sales for the Americas for Zero Motorcycles. “Taking a Zero home and living with it for a few days may seem like just an extended demo ride, but the impact of the experience on riders is significant,” Cunningham added.

In addition to the grander demo experience of a rental, this program also provides a simulated ownership experience. The firms each intend to capitalize on this by offering incentives to renters who choose to purchase a new Zero Motorcycle in that the cost of the rental will be discounted from the retail price of a new model up to $300 USD. This type of innovative approach to business was just one area where the two brands were natural fits for each other.

“For nearly 30 years, EagleRider has been setting the standard in how motorcycle rentals and touring should be done and has always offered the finest selection of American and international brands to riders the world over,” said Arthur Petersen, Fleet Director for EagleRider. “Adding Zero to our premium model line-up means we can confidently say we’ll be offering the best electric motorcycles available as part of our fleet selection, as well.”

With the massive digital and foot traffic that EagleRider commands through its dozens of global locations and their respective digital footprints, motorcycle riders everywhere are sure to recognize the opportunity to ride electric has never been so great. Additionally, with dealerships and distributors in over 30 countries and territories, Zero Motorcycles is certain to generate more attention to EagleRider locations than before the announcement, too. More important than simple metrics and web-traffic, though, is that this partnership helps to amplify the story of electric motorcycles to new riders as well as introduce more existing riders to the benefits of motorcycle rentals and Club EagleRider memberships.

“EagleRider provides the most expansive rider access of any organization on the planet, partnering with them was the obvious choice,” Cunningham added.

Information on the program, Zero Motorcycles, and rental locations can be found at https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/rentals. For details on the redemption of a rental credit towards the purchase of a new Zero, contact any local Zero Motorcycle Dealer.

About Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles is the global leader in electric motorcycles and powertrains. Designed and crafted by hand in California, Zero Motorcycles combines Silicon Valley tech with traditional motorcycle soul to elevate the motorcycling experience for intelligent, innovative riders around the world.

About EagleRider

EagleRider, the world’s largest motorcycle rental, tour, and membership company, carries the largest selection of new Harley-Davidson, BMW, Triumph, Ducati, and more for rent and touring. All motorcycles are maintained to meet strict factory standards providing the most fun, safe, and affordable riding experience. EagleRider operates from over 200 worldwide locations, leads over 100 guided and self-drive motorcycle tours including Route 66 and the Wild West, and convenient one-way motorcycle rentals, luggage storage, free parking, free use of DOT-approved helmets, amazing Club EagleRider membership benefits, and more.

How do I rent my motorcycle?

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3- Meet — Greet — Enjoy

Meet your renter at a convenient location. After a quick inspection and safety check, you’ll toss your fellow rider the keys and get them on the road. You’ll love the huge smile on their face as they start their journey.

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